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When should you do a Tarot reading?

When should you do a Tarot reading? Whether you are giving yourself the reading or receiving it from another reader, here's when to consult the cards, and when not to!

Several very feminine collage style tarot cards are scattered on a lace knit sweater along with a pearl necklace and silk flowers.
These cards were pulled from the Mystical Moments Tarot.

Of course the answer is, "it depends, and you should always trust your instincts!" However, in my experience there are some guidelines which can help you make the most of your time (and potentially, money!) spent with Tarot.

Start by getting clear with your intentions!

Are you looking for advice or reassurance? What are your emotional needs right now? Do you have a specific question in mind? Perhaps you're using the cards for meditation, or even just for fun? These are all great questions to run through before you sit down for a reading. They will help you guide your reading, inform your reader, and even help you decide if you're really in the right space for a reading.

For example, if you are truly seeking reassurance or validation you must also accept the possibility that Tarot will not offer you what you want. There are times in life when your emotions are too raw around a situation to examine it objectively the way that Tarot does. It is very possible to find comfort in a Tarot reading; but, it's also possible to see truths that are deeply upsetting in a Tarot reading.

At the same time, remember that readings are not set in stone and they may not always be what they appear. The outcome a reading predicts can always change, especially when the people involved are willing to change. The more experience I have had with Tarot itself, the less I shy away from a reading even when I am in a vulnerable position. This is a personal choice you'll have to make for yourself and one that deserves considering.

So, when is a good time for a reading?

Anytime that you are open for self examination is a great time to get a reading! However, here are some guidelines for when a reading will be extra beneficial or powerful:

  • Before a career change.

  • When you are at the beginning of a new chapter or project.

  • To seek closure on past circumstances.

  • When you feel stuck or stagnate.

  • Before committing to a new relationship.

  • When you are having trouble in your relationship.

  • Before meditation.

  • With friends for fun.

  • When you feel curious, that's Tarot calling!

This list is by no means exhaustive. Most of the time, tarot cards are a beautiful tool for insight into yourself and your own psychology. They are nothing to fear! I have found that when the cards appear negative, it is rarely a surprise and can still be of comfort.

Are there times when you should not get a reading?

Yes, there are times I would not recommend consulting the Tarot. As mentioned above, if you are feeling very raw and vulnerable you may want to wait a few days before doing a reading. If you have 100% made your mind up about a situation and you do not care what anyone has to say, this is also a time that you may not want to do a reading. It's okay to want validation, I would only suggest you seek it from your community.

Most importantly, Tarot is not a tool for advice on your health! I never consult Tarot about a situation that has not been seen by a doctor. If you want a reading surrounding a health issue you or someone you know is facing that IS being treated by a doctor, working with an experienced reader is crucial. These delicate circumstances can be complicated or even made worse if you add confusion around a reading to the mix.

Tarot cards are a beautiful tool to help you through the ups and downs of living. The stronger your practice of reading or receiving readings, the more comforting this tool is likely to become. There is no reason to fear a reading, it will not take away any of the control which you have over your own life. At the end of the day, the cards and the folks who offer Tarot readings are here to help.

If you are interested in receiving a Tarot reading with me, check out my Services or Contact Me to book a session.

Thank you for reading!

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