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new moon tarot forecast march

My intention is to offer a tarot reading for each new moon. These readings are drawn for my community, if you find yourself on this page I hope it is of service to you. For a personalized reading check out my tarot page.

This month’s New Moon in Aries also falls on the Lunar New Year. According to my amazing Aunt who is an astrologer, this New Moon offers us all the chance to heal ourselves, and heal our collective wounds as a society. Through the distance we are choosing and in some cases being forced to keep from each other physically right now, there is still joy and community in many forms springing up. This time of quiet may be the balm that we all need at this crossroads and it is most certainly up to you how you will use this time.

the deck

For this New Moon Tarot forecast I used the Ostara Tarot which is one of my personal favorites for it’s incredible beauty. It was designed by four friends at the Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver. Each woman brought a unique perspective to her cards and maintained a cohesive style which I find powerful and easy to read. The cards are thick and feel plastic with a silver edge. These cards come in a pretty box with a fully illustrated book. I find myself reaching for this deck often because it has such a painterly feel which I love.

four of cups reversed, two of coins and queen of cups from the ostara tarot deck propped among plants and crystals

the spread

This simple Three Card spread is one of my most widely used and classic for many readers. In this case, and what I’ve been doing lately, is forgoing the “past, present, future” triad and using the Three Cards to represent the current obstacle, the near future, and the outcome of the situation. For me at this time, looking back has not been as useful as looking forward.

the reading

There are opportunities abundant in front of you although it feels like you have lost all sense of luxury and pleasure, don’t let this blind you to all of the possibility in your life. Yes, life is a balancing act and you may need to be more aware at this time of how you manage it all: work, passion, family and relationships all need tending to but isn’t this time the perfect one to pour yourself into the things that matter in the ways that you are able? For those who continue to seek balance, you will be rewarded by unveiling creative potential that will nurture you and carry you forth into your next stage of becoming.

my advice

Check in with yourself often, how do you feel? What do you need? At the same time that our lives have become more simple, there are myriad ways available at all times for you to care for yourself. Feed yourself well, engage in online classes, call people that you love and often, lean into the ways that you can participate. Create order around you and you’ll find the inspiration you need to keep growing.

Got a question? I would love to talk with you! Shoot me an email to ask a question, schedule a mentoring session or a personal reading of your own. During the Coronavirus pandemic my virtual sessions are being offered sliding scale.


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