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My name is Elizabeth, it's nice to meet you.

My mindfulness practices have saved my life. 


     I knew from a young age that taking care of my body and mind were the most important pieces of life. If you don't have your health, life's pleasures are meaningless. Taking care of yourself looks so different for each one of us, and it's been my mission from a young age to understand what self care truly means. As an adult with decades of practice of self-study and self love, I turned my efforts towards learning to bring you the same benefits I have found.

     My background with yoga, meditation, and reading Tarot extends back through my maternal family. My great-grandmother and grandmother both taught yoga in New York City, they also read Tarot and passed a love of both practices to each generation. I taught my first class in 2006 and never looked back.

"Elizabeth is a master of relaxation, I'm completely blissed out and ready for my week after every session." - Anna, Brooklyn NY

     I offer personal and fully customized one on one sessions virtually. You can hire me for a Tarot reading, private yoga, or mentoring. Each session is focused and tailored to your needs, you can choose a multi-disciplinary approach to self study or go deep with my guidance in one type of practice.

     Whether you are brand new or a seasoned novice, we will start exactly where you are and build with each session. You may want to hire me for a one time reading or yoga class, or become one of my long term satisfied clients with weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Discounts on packages and limited sliding scale sessions are available, inquire to learn more.

     You can trust that when you book a session with me you'll be heard and supported. My own lifelong mindfulness practices allows me to tune in to your energy (yes, virtually!), and my love of study means I'll draw on many resources to help you meet your goals.

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