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new moon tarot forecast

My intention is to offer a tarot reading for each new moon and full moon. These readings are drawn for my community, if you find yourself on this page I hope it is of service to you. For a personalized reading check out my tarot page.

This month’s New Moon in Aquarius also falls on the Lunar New Year. As the first New Moon of 2020, it beckons for new beginnings. Transformation is a process, if you made resolutions this year, how are they playing out so far? A resolution or intention is not meant to last for a moment, it’s not a daydream but a commitment to materializing change in your life. This idea inspired my reading below.

the deck

For this New Moon Tarot forecast I used the Sacred Rose Tarot by Johanna Gargiulo-Sherman. Johanna was inspired by Kabbalah and the Tree of Life as well as Byzantine icons, it has been in print for over 30 years. I love this deck, I’ve been using it a little over six months, it did take me a little while to feel a connection and then the connection came through strong. The images are simplified in some ways, but maintain a powerful representation of the cards’ meanings. I also find the guidebook to be excellent. The meanings that are given are very short and very straightforward making it easy to use for newer readers. Overall, a very powerful deck in my experience.

the spread

This simple Three Card spread is one of my most widely used and classic for many readers. The first card represents the past, the second card the present, the third card is the future. I use this spread to get a general outlook and help me tap into what’s important in the present. This is a good spread to use if you want to gain insight into what phase of life’s cycles you may be experiencing and how to move through it gracefully.

the reading

You are finally coming to understand that the loss you’ve experienced was necessary for you to become what you are today. The disappointments that you may face this cycle are nothing compared to what you’ve been through. It’s important that you remember your own power and continue on your path when things don’t work out. If you feel stuck right now, zoom out and understand that you have the power to keep going. Don’t focus on what you’ve lost, focus on what you’ve gained and what’s possible for you now. Keep the hope that you’ve found alive and let it guide you to the stability that you long for. The greatest phase of your transformation is done, and you are still processing this change as you become who you were meant to be.

my advice

Practice, practice, practice. Whatever passions are inspiring you right now, lean into them. Meditate and be gentle with yourself, things might not feel easy but fixating on the disappointment doesn’t make it any easier to carry. Be strong and also strong enough to take some time off and give to yourself. Use the next couple of weeks to restore your energy and focus on yourself as well as your loved ones.

Got a question? I would love to talk with you! Shoot me an email to ask a question, schedule a mentoring session or a personal reading of your own!


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